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Kitchen Design Process Step 4

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Your confidence in the design process is our primary focus. To achieve this goal, we offer some great tools that help you better envision your new kitchen and realize your project vision. The opportunity to see colors in place and to hold a physical sample of your chosen product before purchasing will provide a greater sense of confidence and peace of mind.

Are you ready to place your order? Welcome to the family! With KraftMaid you have selected superior-quality, semi-custom cabinetry that is built and finished to match your specifications and style. While you can’t place your order online, we’ve broken down the ordering process for you so you can understand how to order and what to expect throughout the process.

Step 1: How to Place the Order

Before you begin, make sure that a qualified professional has properly measured your space. Accurate measurements are the key to a successful design, precise installation, and trouble free ordering. In fact, most KraftMaid retailers will likely have an in-house professional that can precisely measure your room at little or no cost to you.

Once you have accurate measurements of your space, visit an authorized KraftMaid retailer to place your cabinetry order. During this meeting, you should bring your design plan, room measurements, and project schedule.

After the order form has been created, ask the KraftMaid retailer to walk you through the entire order, item by item, and review everything before your information is processed and sent to the factory. Before our team starts on your project, a KraftMaid customer service representative will contact you to determine a delivery date that is convenient for you. Once the delivery is scheduled, your order is placed in our warehouse and the construction begins. Learn about the KraftMaid construction process and get a behind-the-scenes look of the quality and care that goes into the construction of your cabinetry.

Step 2: Track the Order

While we’re constructing your cabinetry, we assign your order with a code that authenticates each piece of cabinetry and tracks your order throughout the manufacturing process and home delivery. Once your order is complete and examined by a certified inspector, your cabinets will be boxed with specialty packaging to prevent damage. The finished order is then carefully loaded onto a KraftMaid truck in the order of “first-on, last off” and is now ready for delivery. At KraftMaid, we have one of the shortest manufacturing turnarounds in the built-to-order cabinetry industry. Typically, your cabinetry will take approximately four weeks from order to delivery. However, the length of time varies by geographic location and peak order times. You can track your order every step of the way by visiting our online order tracking system, contacting your retailer or calling us directly at 1-888-562-7744.

Step 3: The Delivery

Every week, KraftMaid’s fleet transports thousands of orders to homes and businesses across the country and around the world. When your order arrives at your home, our delivery team will scan the barcodes on each piece of your cabinetry to verify that everything you ordered has arrived. Be sure to compare receipts to your original order to confirm that you have received all of your products. If any pieces were omitted or damaged, the delivery team can place an order on the spot.

We advise that you wait for your new cabinets to be delivered before removing any existing cabinetry from your home. After your KraftMaid shipment has been delivered, you should ask your installer to open and inspect each carton to make sure he has all the products he needs. In the event that you have to store your cabinets for a short time before the installation begins, it’s extremely important to keep them in a moisture-free or climate-controlled room.

Your KraftMaid order can contain a dozen or more large boxes, which will take up a significant amount of space in your home. To ease stress,learn how to prepare your home for the KraftMaid delivery.

During the installation process, your home may feel a bit chaotic, but we have many helpful suggestions that will undoubtedly help you live through the remodel.

And please, once your kitchen is complete, visit our Facebook page and tell us how we did. We would love to hear from you.

KraftMaid Warranty

Our lifetime limited warranty covers defects in material and/or workmanship. See our warranty page for details. If there are any questions or concerns with your order, please call our customer service hotline at 998.939.5970. You’ll be asked for your product ID number, which is located on the left door of your sink-base cabinet.



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